They Got Me, Timmie


As a typical Canadian I enjoy my Tim Horton’s coffee. I also like their doughnuts, bagels, and those cute little cookies they sometimes have. Recently Timmie’s relaunched their Roll Up The Rim promotion where you order a hot beverage in one of those litter encouraging cups, roll up the rim where hopefully you haven’t been drinking from (rolling up a soggy rim takes more effort than launching a space shuttle into space), and hoping…just hoping that you win the car. Maybe you’ll win big money and take that vacation you’ve been wanting.  Most of the time it’s just a coffee or a doughnut.  More often than that the cup politely reminds you to play again.

Today I got a free coffee. I was elated. Don’t ask me why but I was overly excited to be getting a free coffee. Maybe it’s the ingrained love of Tim Horton’s that I have. They showed their appreciation for me by giving me something for free. Maybe it’s that conception we have that anything we get for free is exciting. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for this. We all like free things. “Free pen?” “Sweet…”

Now, I hope more for the free coffee than the $5000 they’re trying to give away. I wouldn’t know what to do with a lot of money and would probably end up spending it on useless things. Coffee though, I know exactly what I’d do with that.

Thank you Tim Horton’s for keeping my standards low and not making me depressed when I lose the big items.



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