Germ Factory


I couldn’t tell if it was allergies or a cold but considering the amount of time I spent in the Germ Factory I was sure I contracted the Bubonic Plague.

I had been sneezed on, coughed on, spit on, and pooped on by a tiny little, microbe infested human.  Sure, she had been put in my care, I was responsible for her from the hours of 7 until 4 but I had not signed up for bacteria.

The tissues had been used up in the last Germ Factory Epidemic.  We burned through three boxes and four rolls of toilet paper.  I was told the toilet paper wasn’t as cushioning soft as I thought it was so each wipe felt like sandpaper.  My nose turned into a red, dried out organ that ceased to function as it was meant to.

My throat hurt and I felt my body slowly shutting down, laughing at me because I thought it was just allergies.  I spent the entire day telling myself I needed to rest but knowing the dishes weren’t going to wash themselves, the dust needed to be wiped from every flat surface, the dogs needed to go outside at some point, and dinner needed to be made.

Lucky for me my evening schedule was clear and I could rest.  Right?  Right?

Despite everyone being home, I still had to do the dinner dishes, clean up after a meal that was supposed to be quick and painless, the dogs still needed to go out at some point, and the sheets needed to be put on the bed.

Oh the night, my sanctuary, my safety. Crawling into bed was going to be the end of this torture.  I had taken all the cold medications I was legally allowed to take.  My body was slowly shutting down into it’s restful and peaceful state where it was magically able to heal itself.

I was only able to breathe through one nostril. I turned several times clearing each side hoping I was able to fall asleep before I noticed the nostril blocking again.

It was never meant to work that way.  I don’t know what time I went to bed but I remember the sun creeping back up.  One day I know I will be free of the Germ Factory and it will feel so nice.


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