Dog Eat Dog World


Sometimes I wonder…okay, always I wonder what my dog is thinking when she looks at me.  She usually catches me in a compromisable situation, like on the toilet, where she will sit there and grunt.  I know she doesn’t know what I’m doing. At least I like to think she doesn’t but I always feel awkward when she sits in front of me and begs to jump on my lap. Now is not the time. Please go away.

We shouldn’t feel ashamed when our dogs watch us go to the bathroom.  I mean, we do it too. We stand there holding the leash waiting for them to finish.  Meanwhile, we’re getting the baggy ready and doing the most disgusting thing on earth…we are picking up their poop.

I used to think thousands of years ago we had successfully trained dogs to be our loyal companion.  Our protector. Our best friend. But how strange is it to think that dogs have maybe trained us?  We feed them regularly sometimes better than we feed ourselves. They have access to clean drinking water on a daily basis. We exercise them but it’s not really exercise in their eyes, it’s fun time.  We groom them. We pet them. We give them a warm place to live. Who’s really benefiting from that situation?

I’m looking at my dogs right now. What are they doing? Sleeping. They’re curled up in their respective sleeping spots, dreaming of squirrels and bones while I do everything else. I have to cook dinner. I have to clean the house. I decided I want to be a dog.

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