I stepped in a puddle today because that’s just what kind of day it was.  One of those the streets are flooding and there’s nowhere for the water to go.  Did I mention at the bottom of this puddle there was mud? I was sure I was able to put the winter boots to rest.  They’re clunky and they’re too warm. If the exhaustion from wearing them doesn’t get me, the sweaty socks do.

The running shoes were much lighter.  I felt my feet leap for joy.  They said, “Oh boy, spring is here!”

Until I stepped in the puddle.  It was cold. I broke through the thin sheet of ice that was sitting on top. Icy water seeped into my shoe. My toes curled up from the drop in temperature. Bubbles rose to the top and I knew I was supposed to take my foot out…my brain was telling me to do so but there was a mix up in the signal. I left it in there for a few seconds longer while I slowly muttered to myself.

They were nice shoes. Brightly coloured. Now one was covered in goopy, gross, poo coloured mud. I hate spring.

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