I hate how my web browser has this pop up that asks me if I’d like it to save my password.  I’d like to reply and say it’s not my computer so….no I would not like to save it.  I even have reservations about saving all my passwords on my own computer.  It’s a big convenience.  Seriously.  Who doesn’t want to sign in to gmail without having to remember which password you used.  On my own computer I had everything saved.  I could just use my mind to go to a website I was so in sync with my computer.

Then that hacking incident happened all over the country.  People had their Social Insurance Numbers stolen.  Tax information was stolen.  It was so bad the Revenue Canada website shut down.  I started thinking if someone had my computer, how easy would it have been to just take all my information right from there.  All you have to do is type in one letter to my email and the whole name pops up.  Hit tab to the password and it fills it in for me.  Crazy how scary that is.

Luckily I don’t have my own computer.  I’m borrowing this one.  Still, I’m getting annoyed by the pop ups of Do you want to remember your password.  Screw you buddy.  I’ll hide my passwords in my brain.  It’s so hack proof sometimes I can’t even access it.


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