Sometimes It’s Best Not To Think


While planning a trip to Florida, I thought about how fantastic it would be to just move here instead of staying for a few short days.  I had been to Florida before.  It was a long time ago during Spring Break and I’d rather not talk about.  Anyway, I think it’s a beautiful state but I would think that coming from a place that sees snow ten months out of the year and upon hearing the words, “Polar Vortex” we think, gee, it’s going to get a bit nipply out here.

Florida seemed like a logical place to live.  No snow.  Warm temperatures. There’s an ocean all around.  There’s humidity.  Let’s talk about the humidity.  I hate it.  I never get used to it.  I was born and raised in a place where humidity is unheard of.  It was a thing of fantasy and when people talked about it I couldn’t relate.  All I could do was look out the window at the dust bowl that was my back yard.  I watched dirt tornadoes rolling across the wheat field.  I had been watching my dog run away for three days it was so flat and barren.  No humidity there.  They said the Great Depression ended in the 1930s but I was sure we were still feeling the effects.

It’s cloudy today and the whether man said it wasn’t really raining but it was misting.   The mist felt a little warm on my face but nothing was warmer than the heavy air that hit me much like the heat hits me when I open the oven door.  The temperature is reasonable, it’s the feels like temp that I think they’re downplaying a bit.  It is a cool 62 out but the humidity makes it feel like the depths of hell.  Enjoy your vacation people, you’re going to be hot, sticky and all around feeling like you’re in a sauna.  Good day.

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