Why I’m Afraid To Meet My Hero


It’s been said, never meet your hero.  They are never the way you expect them to be.  Sometimes they’re jerks, other times they completely ignore those around them…I’m sure the list can go on.

So when I heard Lainey Lui, better known as Laineygossip for her gossip column, was coming to town, I’ll admit I had some apprehension.  I have been watching her on television, reading some of her blog, finding that she was a rather interesting person offering some of the same views as me.  We both don’t want children. We both hate people. And she is honest.  She will honestly tell you why your opinion is wrong and hers is right.  There’s no sugar coating and I admire that in a person.

She wrote a book recently and I guess she’s going on a book tour.  Is that what this is? Anyway, I have the opportunity to see her in person and that’s not the part that makes me nervous.  It’s the part where she’ll probably have a book signing.  I might have an opportunity to say a few words to her and what if I don’t like her?

I know she won’t care.  She’ll just say whatever she desires and if she upsets one person out of the many, why should she care?  It will be me that will be disappointed because I think she has a lot to offer this world.  She is someone I am proud to share this country with.  Maybe I’ll just be the creeper that stands in the corner hoping no one notices me.  Yeah, that will work.