Hump Day. Really?


Do you ever get the feeling that your Wednesday feels a lot like a Monday?

Mondays are bad enough. You wake up feeling more tired than usual because you spent the weekend maybe drinking or staying up later than your eight o’clock bedtime.  Coffee is your best friend and you swear it would be easier to inject the caffeine right into your veins. Everyone is cranky on Mondays because, like you, they had a couple nights of staying up past their bedtime so they’re a little cranky. Nothing seems to work out.

On Tuesday you’re just relieved it’s not Monday.

Wednesday comes and you realize you’re only halfway through the week. You still have Thursday and Friday to get through before you can sleep in on Saturday.

But do you really sleep in on Saturday? No because you’re wired from all the coffee you drank all week and you’re stressed because the kids are home and while you really do love them, they start to get cabin fever and drive you crazy because it’s winter and it’s too cold to be outside.

Take a breath, sit down, have a drink or two because you still have Sunday. Sunday could be a good day except for the fact that you have to go to bed early because Monday is coming faster than you want it to. Now you get to start the week all over again.